How to Play Playstation Games on Wii

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • WiiSX

  • PSX game backup

  • Wii SD card

Play all those classic PSX games on the Wii.
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The Nintendo Wii is a home video game console that allows you to play other systems' games on it along with the Wii games. One of those systems is the PlayStation console from Sony. The PSX was one of the most successful consoles in history, and with a simple program, you can play them again using the Wii.

Download the WiiSX program for your Nintendo Wii from the resource section of this guide. It is a free program and is the only one of its kind for the Wii.

Connect your Wii SD card to your computer and right-click the window that appears. Click "New" and "Folder" from the menu that appears. Type in "PSXISOS" for the name of the folder.

Open the "Apps" folder on the Wii SD card on the computer and create a folder named "WiiSX." Drag the downloaded program into the WiiSX folder. Right-click the program after it has been placed onto the SD card and click "Rename." Type in "boot.dol" as the new name.

Drag your PSX game backups into the "PSXISOS" folder on the SD card and eject it after the transfer completes. Insert the SD card into the Wii and open the homebrew channel. Select "WiiSX" from the menu and select your PSX game from the menu that appears.