The Best Way to Make Money in Cabal Online

By Sam Orr

Updated September 22, 2017

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Cabal Online is a massively-multiplayer-online-role-playing game (MMORPG) that is free to play. Similar to games such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft, the objective of the game is to level your character by fulfilling quests and killing monsters. In order to do well in the game, you need to buy more expensive equipment the higher you level. To do this, you must earn "Alz," the currency used in the game. You can earn Alz easily by doing quests, selling items, and farming monsters.

Make money by doing quests. A scroll will appear above any NPC (non-playable character) that has a quest available for you to do. Select the character to view the instructions for the quest, as well as the reward. Most quests offer Alz as a reward. Try to find quests that offer a large amount of Alz for small amounts of work. Once you've fulfilled your quest requirements, go back to the NPC that gave you the quest--to receive your reward.

Use the trade system to make money by going to the character menu and selecting "Personal Store." Type in the name of the store you've created, then select items you wish to sell. Click "Change Price" to alter the price of your items. Select "Sales Start" to begin selling your items.

Make money by "farming," i.e. killing monsters that drop Alz or items. Sell the items to vendors or in your personal store. Epaulettes, Double Slot items, and Cores are all items that can be sold in your personal store for large amounts of Alz.