How to Time Stretch on a MPC 1000

By Greg Lindberg

Updated September 22, 2017

The Akai MPC1000 is a sampling production station with features including 32-voice stereo sampling, 16 sample pads, several preset effects and 64-track sequencing. With the MPC1000 you can create a variety of samples by connecting the device to your computer, CD-player and other instruments. You can also adjust the length of your sample by using the time stretch feature. The time stretch function on the MPC1000 allows you to lengthen or shorten any of your samples.

Select the sample you want to use the time stretch function for from the "Sample" field on your MPC1000. Press the [F6] (EDIT) key on the MPC1000 and the Sample Edit window will appear on the display screen.

Select the "TIMESTRETCH" option from the "Edit” field. Select the new tempo you want the time stretch to go to from the “Original tempo” field.

Press the “[F2] (TEMPO)” key from the Sample Edit window in order to detect the tempo if you don’t know what it should be changed to.

Press the “[F5] (DO IT )” key and the calculated tempo will be detected for you. Change the sample length in the “New” field.

Select a pre-made time stretch effect from the “Preset” field, such as "male voice," "staccato" or "low frequency percussion," if you want to add a time stretch effect to your sample.

Select the “Adjust” option to edit any preset you selected and then press the plus or minus buttons to change the way the effect sounds.

Press the “[F5] (DO IT)” key and then the Keep or Retry window will appear on the display screen.

Press the “[F2] (PLAY)” key to listen to your sample to make sure it sounds the way you want it to. Press the “[F5] (KEEP)” key to save your new sample.