How to Put Mugen Games on a PSP

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access

  • PSP with Firmware 1.5

"Mugen" is an open-source, two-dimensional fighting game for Windows, which has been converted to Sony PSP under the adapted name of "OpenMugen." The game allows players to pick from a variety of fighters from fighting games such as "Street Fighter 2," "Fatal Fury" and "Darkstalkers," as well as original characters created for the game by its users. Installing "OpenMugen" to PSP allows players to take this user-supported game project on the go.

Download "OpenMugen" from the site in Resources and double-click to unzip.

Connect your PSP to the USB port of your computer using the system's USB cable. Turn on the console and open the "System" menu, then choose "USB Connect."

Navigate to the root directory of your PSP, which will show up in "Finder" or "My Computer" as "PSP" or "MemoryStick."

Copy all files from the unzipped "OpenMugen" directory to the "Game150" directory of your PSP. Eject and remove the console.

Launch "OpenMugen" from the "Game" menu of your console. Use your PSP's D-pad and action buttons to control the game's characters: attacks and special moves differ between fighters.