How to Find the Person in the Cave in Virtual Villagers 1

By Erin McManaway

Updated September 22, 2017

“Virtual Villagers” is the first game in a series of downloadable puzzle and simulation games for the PC. In this game, lost villagers have colonized the island of Isola and the player must help solve the puzzles of the island to help them survive. There is a cave on Isola that is blocked by a huge bolder. Sometimes you can see a pair of eyes looking out from behind the bolder. Though the villagers may attempt to push on this boulder to move it, they will not be successful. You must first unlock the “Golden Child” in your village before you can open the cave.

Build up your Tech points by assigning your villagers to do research. A villager will attempt to research when you place them at the research table located in the southwestern part of the island.

Purchase Level 3 Construction and Spirituality abilities once you have enough built-up Tech points. Open the Tech screen to purchase more advanced skills for your villagers. In order to open the cave, you will need to trigger a chain of events by advancing your village to Level 3 Construction and Spirituality.

Place villagers on the ruins in the southeast area of the island. They will build and restore the ruins into a temple.

Place villagers on the stone located northwest of the village. They will begin to carve the stone and create an idol.

Place a nursing mother into the lagoon once the idol has been completed. The mother’s child will transform into the Golden Child.

Allow the Golden Child to go to the boulder and push it away to open the cave. The Golden Child will do this on his own when he decides it is the right time.

Place a villager inside of the cave. They will find food and other signs that the cave has been recently occupied. However, you will not be able to find anyone there because the cave and the person that was once inside are hints and teasers that lead to the game’s sequel, “Virtual Villagers 2.”