How to Play ISO Games on the Xbox 360

By JonathanHuppert

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • ISO disc image

  • Dual-layer DVD burner

  • DVD+DL writable disc

  • Computer

ISO disc images are backups of Xbox 360 games.
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Xbox 360 video game consoles are manufactured by Microsoft and play games on DVD discs that are dual-layer and capable of holding up to 8.5 GB of data. ISO disc images are large files that contain an entire disc's file structure in a single, easy-to-burn file. To play ISO disc images on an Xbox 360, use software available free of charge online.

Turn on your computer and ensure your DVD burner is functioning properly and detected by your operating system. This will prevent critical hardware errors during the DVD burn process that could harm your DVD burner or the disc being burned. Log in to your operating system user account and locate the ISO disc image you wish to burn and play on your Xbox 360.

Open your web browser and download one of the ISO applications from the links provided in References.
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Open your web browser and browse the ISO burning software provided in the References section. Select the ISO application which works best for you, download it, then run the installer when downloading completes. Agree to the end-user software licensing agreement and click "Next." The ISO application will begin installing and it will prompt you to reboot your computer when installation completes.

Insert a blank DVD+DL disc, then burn the ISO image to the DVD so it can be played in an Xbox 360 console.
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Restart your computer. Run the ISO burning program and select "Write Disc Image," then browse for the ISO disc image you wish to burn. Select the disc image and choose your DVD burner from the ISO application's menu. Press the "Eject" button on your DVD burner and insert a writable DVD+DL disc when the tray opens, then close the tray by pressing the "Eject" button again. Input a disc title and select a burning speed (choose a low speed, such as 1x, 2x, or 4x, to prevent hardware errors). Click "Burn Image."

The ISO burning program will begin writing your ISO game to a DVD+DL disc. The DVD will eject when the burn process is complete.


Do not burn, download or play pirated ISO games. Pirated games are illegal, and Microsoft will ban your Xbox 360 console from Live if illegal games are detected in your machine.