How to Use the Strangers in LEGO Star Wars for Wii

By Nick Miles

Updated September 22, 2017

"LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga" for the Nintendo Wii includes characters and adventures from all six Star Wars films. With the Strangers character creation system, you have the ability to create two custom characters using parts from all of the characters in the Star Wars universe.

Go to the dual bacta tanks in the cantina and select one to begin character creation.

Select individual parts for you Stranger’s head, torso, and legs. You can use parts from all of the characters you have unlocked. As you progress through the game and unlock more characters, more options will become available. In all, over 160 characters are present.

Save your character. There are two slots for custom characters, so you can save two Strangers at a time. Your saved Stranger will then float in the bacta tank in the cantina.

Start a new game using “Free Play” mode.

Select your Stranger as your primary character. If you are playing with a friend, they can select the other Stranger or any other character you have unlocked. A team of other characters will automatically be assigned to ensure you have the broadest range of abilities. You can then play through the game with your Stranger.


You cannot use your Stranger in Story mode because each chapter has a specific character that you must play with.