How to Update WWE Raw 2 2007

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Dozens of WWE games have been released for consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Wii, but for computer players, the only available choice is WWE Raw 2. While the game features detailed graphics and many different options, the roster of wrestlers is outdated. Fortunately, a collection of dedicated WWE fans created an updated version of the game that features newer WWE stars like John Cena and the Great Khali. The upgrade is free, legal and only improves WWE Raw 2 for the PC.

Make sure WWE Raw 2 is properly installed. If the game is not installed, the upgrade will not install successfully. Click on “Program Files” and make sure the WWE Raw 2 folder is located there and properly titled.

Click inside the “WWE Raw 2” folder and find the “SaveData.” Copy and paste that folder on your desktop if you want to keep some of your saved games from the older installation of the game.

Download the update of WWE Raw 2. The file is packaged as a zip file.

Open the zip file using an archiving program. Click on “Raw Update 11” file to begin the installation. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Select the WWE Raw 2 program files directly if they were not automatically detected. Wait for installation to finish loading. The software has to unzip each created superstar and all of the graphics that go with it. This process can take around 10 minutes.

Paste the “SaveData” folder back into the main WWE Raw game folder. Restart the computer if prompted, then load the game.

Check to see whether all the updates have been included. Look for the different wrestlers to appear in the menu, along with the original wrestlers that were a part of the game. The new wrestlers should include John Cena, Finlay, Shelton Benjamin, Cody Rhodes and the Great Khali.

Play a wrestling match with a couple of the new wrestlers to make sure the game works smoothly. If the game lags, try reinstalling the update to clear up any bugs.


The Raw Modder’s Union features several different updates to Raw 2 other than Raw 2007. Look on its website for different versions, including 2008’s Raw: Ultimate Edition featuring wrestlers like Umaga and Santino Marella.