How to Completely Block Popups

by Chad BuleenUpdated September 28, 2017

Popups can be annoying items to deal with when browsing the Internet. Many popups automatically open as you manually click to open a new Web page. Sometimes, popups are designed to request feedback from you (this kind often has a link to a survey). Other popups include advertisements that may somehow be related to the Web pages you are viewing. Happily, it's not hard to block popups to make your Web browsing experience more enjoyable.

Internet Explorer

Click the "Start" button and select "Internet Explorer."

Click "Tools" and select "Pop-up Blocker."

Click "Turn On Pop-up Blocker." This will completely block popups in Internet Explorer.


Click the "Tools" menu at the top of the Firefox browser window. Select "Options."

Click "Content."

Check the box next to "Block pop-up windows" and click "OK."


Click the "Safari" icon at the top of your Safari browser window.

Select "Preferences."

Click the "Security" heading.

Click the box next to "Block pop-up windows."

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