How to Play the Mexican Spinning Top Game Pirinola

By Brittany Westerfield

Updated September 22, 2017

La Pirinola is a popular traditional game played in Mexico.
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La Pirinola is a very popular game that originated in Mexico. Many Mexicans play La Pirinola after Dia de los Muertos, which is the "Day of the Dead" festival.The traditional pirinolas were made of wood, but they are now made of plastic. A pirinola is like a small top with six sides. In English, the sides are take one, take two, take all, put one, put two, and all put.This game consists of two or more players five years or older. Each player should begin with 10 chips.

Each player must put two chips in the center, which is called "the pot." The first player then spins the pirinola.

Once the pirinola has stopped spinning, the player reads the instructions on top. The player must be told to put one or two coins in the pot, take one or two coins from the pot, take all, or "all put." "All put" means that each player must put two coins into the pot at the same time.

The next player spins the pirinola and follows the instructions in Step 2, and this continues as each of the players gets a turn.

When only one or two chips remain in the pot, each player must also put two coins in the pot all together at the same time.

Players who do not have enough coins to play must drop out. The winner is the last person left with coins.