The Easiest Way to Connect a 360 to a PC to Flash the XBox

By JonathanHuppert

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Xbox 360

  • SATA cable

  • Computer

  • BIN flashing program (JungleFlasher)

  • Torx screwdriver size 10

Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured with a DVD drive that reads dual-layered DVD (DVD+DL) discs capable of holding up to 8.5 GB. "Flashing" the Xbox 360 involves connecting the console's DVD drive to your PC via a SATA cable and modifying the firmware drivers. Fortunately, there is free and easy-to-use software available for flashing Xbox 360 consoles. Flashing your Xbox 360 will take about an hour of your time.


Unhinge and open your 360 console's caseing and read the instructions for disassembling your console (included in the References section). This includes unhinging the plastic case from the Xbox 360's metal covers and removing Torx size 10 screws with your Torx screwdriver. Unplug your Xbox 360 DVD drive from the console's motherboard and connect your SATA cable from your PC to the Xbox 360's DVD drive. This will allow you to edit, then copy or "flash" BIN files from your PC to the Xbox 360.


Turn on your computer and open your web browser. Download JungleFlasher (see link in References), then install the program on your computer. Open the JungleFlasher application and choose your Xbox 360's DVD drive from the program's drop-down menu. Select "Edit BIN" and click "OK." JungleFlasher will then copy your Xbox 360 DVD drive's BIN file for modifying and flashing on your PC.


JungleFlasher will then make a modified BIN file for flashing from your PC to the Xbox 360's DVD drive. Select the BIN file you want to copy to the console's DVD drive and click "OK." JungleFlasher will then copy or "flash" your edited BIN file to the Xbox 360's DVD drive. Replace all screws, disconnect the console from your PC, and reconnect all internal hardware inside your Xbox 360 before turning it back on.


Avoid running additional programs or applications on your computer during the JungleFlasher read/edit process for your Xbox 360's BIN file. Slowing down your computer's performance during this process could potentially harm your Xbox 360's DVD drive or result in an improper copy or "flash" process.