How to Get Out of a Dish Network Contract

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

Cancel your satellite service.
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Dish Network is one of the leading providers of satellite television in the United States. However, you may find, at some point, you no longer need the satellite service. This may be due to you moving or simply not enjoying the service. Whatever the reason is you may cancer your Dish Network contract at any time, without a penalty or any other service fees outside of what it costs for the technician to stop by and remove your satellite dish.

Contact Dish Network at 800-823-4929. Select the automated response to cancel your service. You are connected to a live customer service representative.

State why you are canceling your service. The individual is required to give you several options to prevent you from doing so. Decline these offers and you are given a day and time frame for when a service technician is able to stop by and disconnect your satellite service. There is no early termination fee for canceling your contract as there is no specified timetable for your service (you are essentially on a month-to-month service plan with Dish Network).

Unplug your satellite receiver from your television and any other audio-video devices. This shortens the amount of time it takes the technician to perform the service.

Pay the final billing statement you receive in the mail. Once you pay your final bill, you no longer have any contract or obligation with Dish Network.