Ninja Games for Kids

By Gerri Blanc

Updated September 22, 2017

Give your child a great time by playing some ninja games.
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The allure of ninjas does not only affect adults. Many children like to pretend that they have what it takes to be as stealthy and talented as a karate master. So for your child's next birthday party or get-together, plan for a ninja theme, complete with your own brand of ninja games.

Listen to Your Master

Play this game by picking one of the players to become the ninja leader, or "Master." The Master stands at the front of the room while the rest of the players look on. Every move the Master tells them to do, the players have to replicate. For instance, if the Master tells the players, "Master says kick into the air," they must kick into the air. However, if the Master tells the players, "Kick into the air," the players have to remain motionless because the Master did not say, "Master says." Whenever the Master catches someone not following his instructions, he kicks him out of the karate class. The last remaining player still learning from the Master wins the game and becomes the new Master.

Mortal Enemies

Before the game, pick two people from the group to play either the Ninja or the Mortal Enemy. Explain to the group that the Ninja must stop the Mortal Enemy from killing off all of the innocent civilians (the other players) by tagging him. The Mortal Enemy has to try and tag as many civilians as he can get his hands on. Every time a civilian gets tagged, he gets sent to a chamber where he cannot escape until the Ninja tags the Mortal Enemy. If the Mortal Enemy tags all of the players before the Ninja tags him, the Ninja loses the game and the Mortal Enemy becomes the new Ninja. If the Ninja does catch the Mortal Enemy, all of the civilians get released and a new Ninja is selected.

Protect the Balloon

Prior to the game, gather up some fake swords, preferably made of foam. Give each of the players a sword and have them stand in a common area. Throw one balloon into the air and have the players use their swords to keep the balloon in the air. As the game continues, throw more and more balloons in the air, making the game more challenging. See which of the players has the skills it takes to keep the balloons from hitting the ground.