Top 10 Free Email Address Search Engines

By Spencer Hendricks

Updated September 28, 2017

E-mail has become a common source of communication.
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According to an online study done by, there were roughly 90 trillion e-mails sent on the Internet in 2009. With a number like that, it's clear that e-mail has become a very common form of communication in modern times. In the event one finds himself in a position where an e-mail address is needed, there are several useful search engines that can be used to find it.


Panadia People works in conjunction with Email Finder to provide an extensive database of e-mail addresses throughout the United States. It prompts for first name, last name, city, and state, then provides free results that match the queried subject.

The Ultimate Email Directory

The Ultimate Email Directory offers a wide variety of ways to track down that elusive e-mail address. A user can search by address, phone number, name, or use yellow page listing information if relevant to the query. This is a very useful location for those who may have just about every piece of information about someone aside from the e-mail address.

Langerberg People Search provides numerous e-mail search engines within the site, offering options like AnyWho white pages, Zoom Info, and social network sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Bigfoot Global E-mail Directory offers numerous top of the line tools for e-mail management. Users just need first name, last name, city and state to begin their search.


Offering yellow page and white page lookups (as well as "reverse" lookups), 411Locate can find an e-mail address for a business or person searching by name, address, or even phone number. offers many tools regarding e-mail directories. For users searching for someone that they already have information on (such as hobbies or interests), there are multiple specialist directories. They also offer tools for people looking to post their e-mail address in a directory so others can find them easier.


This search engine is great for gathering results from a great variety of sites and combining them at one convenient place. It queries its searches in eight large directories and then compiles the findings.

Yahoo! People Search

Yahoo! People Search is a great option for finding an e-mail address (and other information if necessary) with very little information, even as little as just a last name.

With an extensive free directory available to the public, has many search tools to find an e-mail address, including zip code search. It also features a Business Finder to assist the user in the search of company e-mail addresses.


Something of an all-around site, Infospace features a standard e-mail search engine, but also offers business listings, weather forecasts, and shopping. It is an option for those who want their e-mail search engine to be a little more diverse in its uses.