How to Connect a Nintendo Wii Online at a Hotel

by John InglewoodUpdated September 22, 2017
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Unlike many video game systems, the Nintendo Wii is a compact game console that gamers can pack and take with them on trips. The portability allows gamers to enjoy playing games on the Wii even in places such as hotels and motels. In order to fully enjoy the Wii, however, gamers often want to connect the Wii to the Internet so they can play games online and download new ones. The Wii can be connected to the Internet at many hotels that offer Internet connections.

Gather information on the hotel's Internet service. Many hotels offer free wireless Internet connections to hotel guests, although some require users to enter a password and account name to access the Internet service. You can obtain all of the information about the Internet connection from the front desk of the hotel.

Press the "A" button to choose the "Wii" icon on your Nintendo Wii. This button is located on the lower left-hand corner of the Wii's main menu.

Pick the option on the right side of the screen entitled "Wii Settings."

Select "Internet" and use the "A" button to open the "Connection Settings" options.

Select a "Connection" from the list by pressing the "A" button.

Scan for wireless Internet connections by pressing the "Search for an Access Point" option.

Choose the hotel's wireless network and press the "A" button again to select it.

Enter any passwords or user names that the hotel provided and select the "Test Connection" button. If you entered all of the information correctly, your Wii will immediately connect to the Internet and you can enjoy playing your system online at the hotel.


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