How Can I Play Pokemon Games on My PC?

By TS Jordan

Updated September 15, 2017

The popular "Pokemon" series of video games are normally played on Nintendo systems such as the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS, but they can also be played on the computer with a legitimate copy of the game. Accomplish this by utilizing an emulator and ROM--software that mimics your handheld system on the computer, enabling you to play your games on your PC.

Click the Emulator Zone page in Resources and select the link for the system upon which your desired Pokemon game is played.

Click the "Download" option and install the emulator to your computer.

Select either of the ROM links in Resources and locate the Pokemon game you wish to play.

Download the Pokemon game and save it to your Desktop.

Open your emulator program and click "File," "Open," and select the game from your Desktop to start playing.