How to Play Lemming Ball Z the Game

By Jason Jensen

Updated September 22, 2017

"Lemming Ball Z" is a free computer game for Windows and Linux that is based on the hit TV show, "Dragon Ball Z." The game is a fighting game in which a player can battle the computer or other players in a tournament style, similar to classics like "Mortal Combat" and "Street Fighter." The game will allow up to four players at once to compete against each other in a "Team Death Match." This is a fun game to play by yourself or with friends, and the best part is that it's completely free.

Download the "Lemming Ball Z" game from the official site (see Resources).

Launch the game and click on "Main Menu."

Click on "Story Mode" and then on "story/tutorial.txt." Story Mode will walk you through the game and familiarize you with basic controls.

Go back to the main screen after you've completed the Story Mode and click on "Main Menu" again to create a new game.

Choose "Skirmish" from the "Main Menu." On the next screen you will be able to configure settings for the new game.

Select the number of players you want. You can choose to have up to four players by clicking on the player number with your mouse.

Choose a difficulty level by click on the "ai" menu. You can choose from "High," "Medium," and "Stupid."

Click on the "p1" menu to choose a starting power level. You can choose "1m" or "10m."

Click on "p1+" to change the maximum power level, ranging from "50m" to "400m."

Click on "fraglimit" to change the high score needed to win.

Click on the level picture in the right corner of the screen to select the level you want to play.

Click on "play game" when you are ready to start playing.

Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to choose your character. Press "attack 1" to select your character.

Press the "F1" button on your keyboard to bring up a list of basic moves. This is a helpful reference if you forgot how to do a particular move.

Pay attention to the blue and red bars at the bottom of the screen. The blue bar represents your energy, and the red bar represents your health. Every time you make an attack, your energy will go down. Every time you are hit with an attack, your health will go down. If you try to attack your opponent when you have no energy, it will deplete your health.