How to Make a New Email ID

By Terrance Karter

Updated September 28, 2017

Create additional email IDs to make your work easier.
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An email ID is also called your email address. It is what you use to log into you email account and is also the address where people can email you. Some email programs, like Outlook and Thunderbird, allow you to have more than one email ID, or user name, attached to a particular email address. Either way, you can create a new email ID quickly and easily. Many people have alternate email IDs for work and family, or for junk mail.

System Based Email Programs

Log into your system-based email, such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Click on "Accounts" and then "Users." If your particular system-based email program allows you to create additional email IDs for the same email address, you will see an option that says "Add user" or "Create additional email ID." Click on this option.

Choose a user name, or enter a user name you already use. Enter a password. You must be the primary user of the email account to create additional IDs because you must verify that the ID can be used on your email. When you wish to create additional IDs, remember to log in as your original ID, or the first one that the Internet Service Provider created for you.

Free Email Systems

Go to the homepage for the free email system you use but don't log in. Free email, like Yahoo or Gmail, does not allow you to have separate logins or IDs for each account. The only way to create additional free email IDs is to create another free email account from the same system.

Choose "Create Account" or "Sign Up" to begin to create another email ID.

Choose a user name, a display name,and enter your first and last name. For free emails, it is acceptable to use a pseudonym or a fake name for your additional email accounts. Many people use variations of their own names for additional IDs.

Enter additional information to complete the sign-up process. This information might include your address, a telephone number or your birth date. You have to fill in only the fields that are marked as required.