How to Calibrate a Wii

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wiimote

  • Nintendo Wii sensor bar

A Wiimote works similar to a TV remote.
i tv remote control image by Bruce MacQueen from

The Nintendo Wii utilizes a wireless system to work the Wiimote, the Wii's controller. A thin, rectangular bar is placed above or below the TV, which receives the signal from the Wiimote. This is how the Wii knows what movements the on-screen character should make. This system sometimes acts odd, causing it to need re-calibrated. Sometimes it needs a system-wide recalibration. Sometimes, individual games need recalibrated through the game in-game's menu.

Adjust the sensor bar. Maybe it is too high causing the system to not recognize the Wiimote's movements. If the sensor gets bumped, it may be facing away from the Wiimote which causes the sensor to not pick up the Wiimote's movements. Readjust the sensor bar until the Wiimote's movements are picked up.

Take the batteries out of the system for one minute and then place them back in. This will reset the Wiimote.

Determine the sensitivity by clicking "Wii System Settings" on the main menu. Pick "Sensor Bar ," then "Sensor Bar Sensitivity." Adjust the slider until movement feels adjusted to your liking.

Calibrate the Wiimote inside of the game's that giving you trouble. Some games controls can be adjusted within their options menus. Go into the options and recalibrate the Wii from there.


The options will be saved once you set them, so you will not have to calibrate every time you play the game.