How Do I Download Free Music on My Computer?

By Mitchell White

Updated September 28, 2017

Downloading free music from the Internet is possible using capture programs that can take music from various websites such as YouTube or Myspace, and download them to your computer as a MP3 file. It's important to make sure that any music you download in this way is legal, since many songs are illegally posted on these sites. Generally if you can purchase a song somewhere like iTunes, it's not legal to download a free version.

Download and install Youtube Downloader for one free music method. Copy the video website for a legal song you like from Youtube, and paste it into the text box in the downloader. Click the "Download" button to download the music video.

Navigate to Zamzar for a website method of getting your music. Click the "Download Video" tab and paste the address where your music is playing in the first text box. Select "MP3" under "Convert file to" and enter your email address into the second text box. Click "Convert" to send your music file link to your email address where you can click on it to begin downloading.

Click the "or download it from" option on the main page of Paste your music's website address into the textbox. Select "MP3" under "Output Format" and click "Convert" to reveal the MP3 link. Click on that to download your music.


Search for any type of music in the "Search" box in a site such as YouTube to find the original music Web address.


Downloading music from sites like Youtube may be illegal depending on the copyright status of the song and the copyright laws in your country.