How to Change Your Steam Name

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

Once you register your Steam account name, it can't be changed. However, you can change your Steam profile name, which is what the rest of the Steam community sees during gaming sessions or in the forum. Changing your profile name is a quick, simple process involving the profile menu either in the Steam client or on the Steam website. Changing your profile name in one will instantly change your name in the other, so you only need to make the change once.

Launch the Steam client or connect to the Steam website through your preferred Web browser. The layouts of both are identical, so you can change your profile name using whichever you prefer without following a different process.

Click the drop-down arrow next to your username, then select "View Profile." This will take you to your Steam community profile, where you can view your profile name, badges, comments and recent game activity.

Click "Edit Profile" and enter the new name you want to use in the "Profile Name" field. This is the name that will displayed to other Steam users in-game, on the Steam website and in the Steam community.

Click "Save Changes" when finished to save your new profile name. You can also click "Cancel" if you change your mind to cancel all changes to your profile.


While you're changing your profile name, you can also edit other elements of your Steam profile. You can change avatars, opt to display your real name and what country you live in and give your profile a custom URL. You can also link your Steam profile to your Facebook account, add a brief summary about yourself and feature any group you belong to as your primary group.

Your profile name, along with your avatar, represent you to the rest of the Steam community. You can convey your creativity, your gaming prowess or any element of your personality with it. It's your name, so choose well and make a statement with it.


While you can conceivably enter just about anything as your Steam profile name, avoid intentionally offensive names or those incorporating profanity. Your fellow Steam community members may not appreciate it and decide to report you, which may result in a mandatory name change or temporary ban.