How to Unlock the Code for Fate

By Nick Miles

Updated September 22, 2017

“Fate” is a role playing game produced by Wild Tangent for the PC. If you have a demo of the game, it may have expired and asked you enter an unlock code. In order to play the full version of the game, you must input an unlock code to verify that you have purchased the game. This is to prevent piracy of the game. You must purchase the game to unlock the code and play the game.

Purchase the Fate game legally. You can either purchase it from any electronics store that sells video games or online through the Wild Tangent or Fate websites. Avoid buying a used version of the game, as the unlock code cannot be used again.

Get the unlock code. If you purchased the game in a store, the unlock code will be inside the package on the game manual. If you purchased the game online, you will be given an unlock code when you install the game.

Install the game and input the unlock code when prompted. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears. You will then have access to the full Fate game.


Do not try and find an unlock code online. Chances are that someone else has already used it and it will be useless.