How to Download Your Own Songs on Guitar Hero 3

By Jarrett Melendez

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • MP3 or OGG copy of your song

  • Chart file for your song

  • Song List Editor

  • Chart2Mid2Chart

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If you've grown tired of the song list in Guitar Hero III, you can add songs from your own library of MP3 or OGG audio files. You'll need to download a couple of programs to do this and you'll need chart files corresponding to the songs you want to add to your song list. These are the files used by the game to show which buttons you need to press while playing the song. has a library of thousands of these files that you can access for free by registering with them.

Download the ZIP file for Song List Editor by clicking the link in Resources. Extract the files to your computer by double-clicking the icon labeled "" Open the new folder and double-click the file named "songlist_editor.exe."

Click "File" and select "Open" from the Song List Editor window. A new window will pop up labeled "Browse for Folder." Song List Editor will have already selected the "DATA" folder in your Guitar Hero III program folder; don't change this. Click the "OK" button.

Visit and register to create a new account. Sign in and click the "Custom Songs" link. Read over the terms and conditions for using custom songs and click the "Agree" link. Click on "Browse Database."

Search for your song by entering its title, artist or album name. You may see multiple results for your search; choose your song and download it.

Download the ZIP file for Chart2Mid2Chart by clicking the link in Resources. Extract the files by double clicking the icon labeled ""

Open the "Chart2Mid2Chart" folder, double-click the file labeled "Chart2Mid.jar" and click "Browse." Locate the chart file you downloaded and click "OK." Click the "Guitar Hero" button and click "Convert." The program will create a MIDI file and save it to the same location as the chart file.

Go back to the Song List Editor window and click "Insert New Song." A new window will appear with a number of empty fields. Fill in the "Song Name" field using only lowercase characters. Use the "Browse" button next to the "Guitar Track," "Rhythm Track" and "Song Track" fields to find the MP3 or OGG file of the song you want to add.

Use the "Browse" button corresponding to the "MIDI file" field to find the MIDI file that Chart2Mid2Chart created. The information you type into "Song Title," "Artist" and "Year" will appear in the song lists in the game. Click "OK" and Song List Editor will start making the track to be added to your copy of Guitar Hero III. Let the program work until you see the "done creating fsb" message.

Click "Edit Setlists" and select the "Set List" drop-down menu in the new window. Click "Bonus Songs" and click the "up" arrow next to "Songs per Tier". Select the "Song Number" drop-down menu and click the last song in the list. Select the "Song" drop-down menu and find the track you just created. Click "OK" and select "File" and then "Save." A new window will pop up; click "OK." Run Guitar Hero III and play your new song.