How to Uninstall Netflix From Your Xbox

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 22, 2017

Uninstall Netflix from an Xbox 360.
i controller image by Thommi from

The Xbox 360 has various media playback options including the ability to stream radio stations on Last.FM, browse your Facebook and download movies off the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The console can also stream Netflix movies directly to your television using a built-in interface, which users can link to their fee-based Netflix account. And, just as with anything on the console, users can uninstall the Netflix software with the Xbox 360's system tools.

Hold the Guide button on your controller to power on the console.

Tap the Guide button again to open a menu with several console options.

Select the "Settings" blade and choose "System Settings." The Guide menu will close and a new system menu will appear.

Choose "Memory" and select the device that has Netflix installed. This is likely your hard drive. A new menu list will appear with memory topics.

Choose "Games" from the topics list. An alphabetical list of games will appear.

Choose "Netflix" from the games list. This will open saved Netflix items on your console.

Delete "Netflix" and "Netflix Credentials" from the console by pressing "A" and choosing "Delete" for each item.


You can reinstall Netflix to the console by logging into Xbox LIVE and choosing "Netflix" from the dashboard.