Free Games to Play Without Downloading Anything

By Kevin Walker

Updated September 22, 2017

Play these games online.
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Free online browser games have become a popular way to scratch the gaming itch during a coffee break without going through the ordeal of buying and downloading multi-gigabyte commercial games online. However, all the games on the list require a Flash-enabled browser to play.


Gemcraft is a fantasy tower-defense game in which you play a wizard. Your wizard's tower is under attack by hordes of monsters, and in order to fight them off, you set traps using magic gems. The more monsters you kill, the more mana you have to create gems. As the game progresses, you also combine gems in order to create more powerful spells and traps and gain experience points that you can use to increase the power of your wizard.


Raze is 2D shooter game in which you create and equip a jet-pack soldier before sending him into combat with aliens, monsters and other players who happen to be online at the time. The game features both a single-player story mode in which the player can choose to fight for either humanity or an alien invasion force and a variety of multiplayer modes. Furthermore, Raze keeps track of your profile as you play over multiple sessions, so you will always be able to come back and see how many online matches you have won and lost.

Epic Battle Fantasy

In Epic Battle Fantasy, you control a samurai warrior and a sorceress as they battle through wave after wave of enemies. Fans of Japanese role-playing games will recognize the battle system as inspired by the systems used in popular games like Final Fantasy. The goal of the game is to ration the health and mana of your characters in order to stay alive through as many enemy waves as possible. Each wave becomes more powerful, but your characters have a full roster of special abilities and spells to overpower them.


Arcuz is an action RPG similar in style to the classic Super Nintendo game "Secret of Mana." You control a hero as he travels around the world completing quests and growing in power. The story of the quest can take a pretty long time to beat, but you don't have to do it all in one sitting. If you have a free Facebook or MochiGames account, the game can use one of those accounts to save your progress and insure that you see the full story of the game without starting over.