How to Make Your Own Car & Drag Racing Games

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Object modeling software

  • Game development tool

Implement various car opponents for maximum difficulty.
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Racing games are among the most popular types of video games. Thanks to the feeling of speed, crashes and luxurious rides, racing titles manage to capture the eyes of millions of gamers each year. However, if you believe your own ideas should be implemented into car and drag racing games, there are convenient and helpful development programs to help you get started.

Develop a game concept. Analyze every aspect and features your drag racing game will include. Decide how many cars and competitors will be available, how many levels you can race in, and the setting of each game world. Moreover, research and talk to avid real life racers and ask them about their driving techniques. Find out how the acceleration should be approached on a high speed course, how a car generally handles hard turns, and ask everything related to game physics to be properly implemented into your drag racing title.

Create all car models and levels. To approach your game creations, obtain an object modeling application. There are helpful tools both freely available and commercially sold at retail stores. For your convenience, go to your search engine of choice and look for any object modeling tool based on “Open Source” or “Freeware”, which are freely distributed at no cost. Within the program, design and paint all cars, objects and obstacles to be used, and the courses your cars will race in. Start by creating a simple matrix (game world) and gradually add roads and all desired game obstacles. When done, save your work to your local hard drive.

Animate all game sequences through a game development tool. Just like object modeling software, game development tools can be found freely distributed, or purchased via their respective manufacturer’s website or retail store. These development applications typically come with convenient options for many game genres. Assign all needed scripts to make each car run at certain speeds and acceleration levels. Set coordinates between cars and inanimate objects to create the proper collision detection between them, allowing for realistic car crashes as a result. Implement all necessary adjustments within the game development tool, and save your final project.

Play and test your racing game. It is likely that your racing game will not run perfectly or smoothly the first time you save it to your computer. Therefore, analyze all basic commands you assigned by putting them to the test. Crash your car against all game objects, test every car’s handling and acceleration speeds, and if needed, make further changes by going back to the game development tool and adjusting each setting accordingly.