How to Print PS3 Covers

By Jacob Stover

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer printer

  • Scissors

Buying used games is a great way to save money and, in the case of many rare games, it can be your only option. Unfortunately, this can leave you without the original covers and manuals that traditionally accompany a new game. This can be a big letdown to game collectors, and can make sorting through a large game collection a pain. Thankfully, with a bit of work, you can print convincing covers for any PlayStation 3 game.

Navigate to the "PlayStation 3 Covers" link located in the resources section of this article.

Search for the titles of any game you wish to make a replacement cover for.

Download and open the image of the game cover. Once you have opened the image, select the "File" tab from the program menu, then select "Print". Under the print options remember to specify "Landscape" orientation to ensure that the image prints correctly. When the cover has finished printing, cut off the remaining white space using a pair of scissors, then slide the image underneath the plastic exterior shell of the disc case.