How to Recover a Yahoo Password

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 28, 2017

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Not being able to access your Yahoo! account is frustrating. If someone has broken into your account and changed your password, or if you have forgot your password, you may be temporarily unable to access your Yahoo! account. Fortunately, Yahoo! offers a solid password recovery process that allows you to retrieve your password and log in to your account within a few minutes.

Visit your Yahoo! log in page. Beneath the sign in box, click "I Can't Access My Account."

Select "I Forgot My Password" and click "Next." Type your Yahoo ID and complete the "Captcha" code. Click "Next." If you cannot read the puzzle, click "Can't Read Code." A new code will be automatically generated.

Choose the option to verify your identity. If you signed up for Yahoo! cellular-password recovery, you'll see an option to receive a text message. Click "Next" to have the text message sent. Use the temporary password to log in to your Yahoo! account; then change your password immediately.

Answer your secret question if you are not signed up for Yahoo cellular-password recovery. Click "Next." Depending on your preferences, you may also have to select your date of birth and zip code. After answering the question, you'll be able to create a new password and access your Yahoo! account.


If you have an alternate email address on file, Yahoo will offer you the option of sending a password-reset link to the email address. Select this option and check your alternate email account to reset your password.