How to Play Super Black Bass

By Aaron Kopf

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Super Black Bass game cartridge

"Super Black Bass" is a sequel to "The Black Bass," which was originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988. "Super Black Bass" features similar gameplay, updated graphics and enhanced audio effects. Players are tasked with winning virtual fishing tournaments by cruising around an assortment of lakes and landing the local lunkers. The game also features several lures and a time system that affects the location of fish depending on the position of the sun.

Select "New Game" from the main menu and enter your name on the following screen. You will start your journey to greatness in the "Local Amateur Tournament," and will eventually progress to the "Pro Bass Circuit."

Get accustomed to the boat controls. Pressing "Left" on the directional pad will turn the boat counterclockwise and pressing "Right" will turn the boat clockwise. Press "A" to move the boat forward, "B" to move the boat backwards and "Y" to fish from your current location.

Explore "Skywater Lake" and look for prime fishing locations. Be sure to keep an eye on the fish finder. In the early morning, fish in open water. Later in the day, fish near docks, reeds, weeds and spillways. Press "Y" when you find a suitable fishing location.

Press the "X" button to select your lure. There are eight different lures in the game, but only three basic colors. Black lures are excellent for sunny days, bright red or blue lures work well on overcast days and purple lures work best on white cloudy days.

Press the "A" button to start casting. You will the distance meter in the top left corner of the screen begin to fill. Press "A" again when the meter is slightly full to make a short cast or when the meter is full for a long cast.

Tap "A" to slowly reel in your lure. Use the directional pad to wiggle the lure through the water. Some lures are more attractive to fish when moved in a specific fashion. Experiment to determine the best way to wiggle your lures.

Continue casting until a fish takes the bait. You will see shadows under the water moving toward your bait just before a strike.

Reel in your fish with the "A" button. Watch the "Stress on Line" meter at the bottom right corner of the screen. The pointer above the meter represents the fish's strength while the pointer below represents your strength. Do not reel in the fish when the pointers are on the left end of the meter, or you might break the line.

Increase your stats by catching more fish. The "Technique" stat affects how quickly fish will take your bait decrease the chances of a fish escaping the line. The "Strength" stat affects how quickly you can reel fish in.

Receive invitations to more prestigious competitions by catching several bass in each lake. Continue building up your stats over the course of the game until you win the "Pro Bass Circuit."


Fish in shallow waters in the mornings. Move to deeper waters after noon.

Use caution when casting into reeds, as you can easily lose your bait.

You must catch four or five of the largest fish in each lake to progress to the next.