How to Make Sprint Work With Verizon

by Josh MoorheadUpdated September 28, 2017
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Sprint cannot work with Verizon since they are separate, competing cell phone network providers. However, a phone currently using the Sprint network can be switched to Verizon using a process called "unlocking." Unlocking a phone allows it to work with other providers as long as you have an IMEI identification code and the SIM card memory chip.

Inform Sprint customer service that you are switching to Verizon. Request the IMEI code that identifies your phone. Depending on your contract, Sprint may or may not charge for the code.

Turn off the Sprint phone. Slide off the battery cover on the back of the phone. Near the battery is a slot with the SIM card, a small chip. Replace it with the Verizon SIM card you received with your new service agreement.

Turn the phone back on. It will detect the Verizon SIM card as it boots up and ask for the IMEI code. Enter the code on the keypad and you can use the phone.


Switching networks can impact functionality since different providers offer different data packages. For example, switching from Sprint to Verizon could affect your Internet access. Call Verizon with the make and model of your phone before you switch to determine if your phone will be affected.


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