How Can I Play DVDs on My XBox?

By Aaron Wein

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • DVD Movie Playback Kit

  • Two AAA batteries

Play DVDs on your original Xbox with the DVD Movie Playback Kit.
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Both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 are capable DVD playback devices. However, there is one striking difference between the two consoles in terms of how users play DVDs. While the Xbox 360 doesn't require any extra hardware, the original Xbox requires users to purchase an extra DVD playback kit. Despite the extra peripheral requirement for the original Xbox, playing DVDs with the kit still calls for little effort.

Original Xbox

Purchase the DVD Movie Playback Kit for the original Xbox. The kit can be purchased online or at video game stores.

Turn off the Xbox console.

Insert two AAA batteries into the remote that came with the DVD playback kit.

Plug the remote receiver into one of the four controller ports on the Xbox.

Insert a DVD into the Xbox's disc tray and close it. The DVD will start.


The remote receiver must be plugged into the console for it to play DVDs.

Use the remote to use the Xbox DVD playback system's basic controls, such as fast forward or play.