How to Build the Fastest Car in "Drag Racer V3"

By Nick Grimes

Updated September 22, 2017

i Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

"Drag Racer V3" is a free PC game that challenges users to tune their car for the fastest possible start-up and short drag runs. The game is all about choosing the right vehicle and tuning it for maximum performance over a short, intense burst of speed. While players start with a limited amount of cash to tune their car, it's possible with judicious tuning choices to start the game with a vehicle capable of outperforming even the game's big guns.

Start a new game and buy the Honda CRX.

Go to the Store and open the "Weight" section. Purchase the first four Mirage weight stages. (You can get the fifth when you win a few races.)

Open "Nitrous" and buy the Acme Nitrous Kit and Dual Port.

Go to "Tuning" and tune your gears so that first gear falls just under the "O" in the "Ratios" title. From here, the gear indicators should form a staircase, with each indicator's width further up than the last.

Tune your "Boost" so the indicator is one-fifth of the way from the far left. Tune "Air Intake" to the far left and "Cam Adjustment" to the far right.