How to Copy GameCube Games Onto a PC

By Elvis Michael

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • DVD burner

  • Disc-burning software

Copying game content to a PC made easy.
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The Nintendo GameCube first hit shelves in 2001, and it has been widely played among kids and adults. Like its current and past competitors, it has become a popular form of entertainment in many households worldwide. Due to its popularity, users may want to copy GameCube games onto a PC for backup and safety reasons. In case a disc may become damaged or corrupted in any way, people prefer to have a copy of their original games for possible future use.

Insert the original GameCube disc into the computer disc tray. To begin the game-copying process, your computer needs to detect the GameCube disc and all of its contents. Make sure your GameCube disc is clean and has no scratches for maximum copying capabilities. Also, note that the GameCube’s native disc media are mini-DVDs. Therefore, your computer needs to be equipped with a DVD burner as opposed to a standard CD burner.

Launch your preferred disc-burning software to make a disc image. All of the contents from the GameCube game disc compile as a single file format to your computer. Typical file format storage may include ISO or BIN, depending on the options available from the disc-burning tool.

Browse for the disc drive within the disc-burning application. Point the program to the target destination to burn all of the files onto the disc. For best results, set the copy speed to low levels, typically anywhere from 2x to 6x. Close any open application to avoid any errors when copying GameCube games to your PC.

Verify the burning process was successful. Depending on the disc-burning tool used, you may find a “Verify” or similar option, which allows the disc-burning program to inspect and compare every file between the original disc and the newly created image on your computer. If all files are copied without errors, you have successfully copied a GameCube game to the computer.