How to Take a Screen Shot in FSX

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Updated September 22, 2017

Microsoft Flight Simulator X, often referred to as FSX, has an internal screenshot tool. Using this tool allows you to avoid the normal Windows method of taking screenshots. The FSX tool automatically saves your screenshots to a folder on your computer, so it's not necessary to open a photo program and paste your screenshots to save them.

Get to the point of the game where you want to take a screenshot. Press "P" to pause your flight, if desired.

Press the "V" button on your computer keyboard. This instantly snaps a screenshot. Press "V" multiple times to take multiple screenshots, if desired.

View the screenshots when you're ready. Close or minimize Microsoft Flight Simulator. Navigate to your Windows "Pictures" folder. Look for a folder inside labeled "Flight Simulator."

Open the folder to view your FSX screenshots.