How to Delete an EA Account

By Chris Miksen

Updated September 22, 2017

Canceling an EA account is simple.
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Electronic Arts is a behemoth in the video game industry, with best-selling titles in genres including sports, RPGs, first-person-shooters, action and more. EA has also published Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games that require a paid subscription. Nearly all EA games come with the ability to either be played online or to download content for the game via EA's online service. You must create an EA account to access either of these features. Deleting your EA account is nearly as simple as creating it and can be done with little hassle.

Select "Email us" on EA's support web page (see References). This option is located on the left side, under the section titled "Support Links."

Enter your account information to access to the email form.

Select a random platform and game for the "Platform" and "Game" choices. Select "My Account/Billing" when choosing the category. Select "Account suspension/termination" when selecting the sub-category.

Request that your account be terminated on your behalf and explain your reasons for wanting this done in the "Question" section. Include your screen name, date of birth, ZIP code and billing and payment information. Include the last eight digits of your credit card number if you paid for your subscription this way. If you used another payment option, describe which option you used. If you used a Game Time Card, include the last Game Time Code used.

"Click" "Finish and Save." Customer support will send you a reply that will appear in "My Questions" located on left side of the page, under the "My Stuff" section.


It does not matter which platform or game you choose, because it is irrelevant to canceling your account. But you must choose both a game and platform to continue the process.