How to Find Military Email Addresses

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 28, 2017

A military e-mail address can help locate someone while on duty.
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Finding someone's military address can be easy or difficult depending on your reason for searching for it, your resourcefulness and sheer luck. There is a standard format for a person's e-mail address for all branches of the military. There are also numerous ways to search for a person's e-mail through the Internet. It is also possible to make an official request to find the direct mailing address of the person through the Department of Defense.

Try using the standard military format. There is template for how the military generally assigns e-mail addresses for each soldier. If the soldier has a unique name, this is an easy way to find him or her. If the soldier does not have a unique name, the military adds numbers after the name for each repeated name. Many military personnel are given unique e-mail addresses according to their specific job or unit, but this format is the most common in the military.

For the Army: For the Navy: For the Marines: For the Air Force: For the Coast Guard:

Search the web for the person's e-mail. If the individual has ever posted anything online or listed their military contact info, you might be able to find it. Do an Internet search using the person's name and the ending e-mail format listed above. If they are in a specific unit of one of the branches of the military, you might want to include that name. It might take a number of searches, but most variations of military addresses are available somewhere online. Check the website maintained by the U.S. Armed Forces News Service in the references section below for all the variations on e-mail addresses.

Try to contact the person's unit directly. Each military regiment, division and company tends to have its own website. You can try to connect with the contact person listed on the site, search for the individual's name or call the press person on the site. You might want to inquire about the e-mail format generally used by that group.

Contact the Department of Defense. If you know the individual and simply want to get a hold of the person, the Department of Defense has an official way of requesting the person's mailing address. Check under resources below for the direct link to the website.