Uses of the Computer for Kids

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 22, 2017

Uses of computer
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Almost everyone knows how to use a computer. Users have computers for surfing the Internet, creating business presentations, writing essays and many more. Children also use computers for many different purposes. Using computers at an early age will help kids know how to use technology and be aware of its different uses.

Playing Games

One way children use computers is for playing games. Game developers have created games for kids from toddlers to teenagers, some educational and some purely for entertainment. Games are also available on several websites online. It is important to supervise your kids while they use the computer. Keep your kids away from violent games, and always check the rating of games before buying them. It is best to stick to games that will teach kids while they're having fun.


Kids who have to research for their homework assignments use the computer as a tool for getting more information and learning about their lessons. Through the Internet, kids can learn about any topic under the sun. Some of the things that kids search for on the Internet are definitions of words, pictures, explanations on class topics, or answers to questions in school. The computer may help them understand their lessons better. But do supervise your children when they're on the Internet so they don't go to websites that are inappropriate for kids.

Practice Typing

Kids who start handling the computer at a young age find it easier to use the technology when they are older. Another use of the computer for kids is for them to practice their typing skills. There are online programs and games that can teach children to type or to improve their typing skills. Children who learn how to type correctly will find it easier to work with the keyboard and type faster when they grow older--a useful skill when they're faced with term papers or essays in the future.