How to Change Your EA Account Password

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

While you might not necessarily need to change your password every few months, there's no reason not to beef up your security. When you change your Electronic Arts Origin password, you can take it a step further by enabling login verifications. Not only will you have a strong password, but you'll also get notified whenever someone successfully enters your password.

Log in to your Origin account if you know your current password. If you need to reset a forgotten password, you'll need access to the account's email address (see Resources).

Click "My Account" on the top navigation bar. This takes you to the Origin account site where you can edit all parts of your profile. For now, switch to the Security tab.

Click "Edit" beside "Account Security." Before you can reach the next screen, you must answer your security question correctly. If you don't remember this information, you'll need to reset the password as if it's forgotten to change it.

Type in your current password where indicated. Enter your desired password twice, clicking "Save" to confirm the changes.


When creating a password, be sure to take advantage of every character you're allowed to use; don't just stick to letters and numbers.

You can also add up to three security questions in the Security tab.

Turning on Login Verification requires a second code to log in to your Origin account; you can have this sent to the email address registered to your account or as a text to a mobile phone.


Avoid using a password that you have used anywhere else; it's best to use a unique series of characters for every account on each site.