How to View the History of Sites Visited

by Si KingstonUpdated September 28, 2017
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Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox keep a record of websites that users visit. The purpose is to make revisiting certain websites easier, as sites that are cached in the browsing history will load faster. You can view your browsing history as long as your browser has not been set to not keep record of that history or you aren't trying to view history past a certain specified date.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on the "Tools" menu at the top of the browser.

Select "Internet Options."

Click on the "Settings" button under Browsing History.

Select "View Files" in the Settings Dialog box. You will be able to see what websites were visited in the last specified number of days. By default, IE will save your browsing history for the last 20 days.


Open your Firefox web browser.

Select the "History" menu.

Click on "Show All History."

Select the browsing history you want to view in the left pane. You can select browsing history from "Today," the "Last 7 days" or the entire last month. The browsing history will then be displayed for the selected time period in the right pane.


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