How to Convert RAR Games to ISO for PSP

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

i Playing video games. image by Bettina Eder from

The Sony PlayStation Portable is a video game device released in 2005. If you have a PSP running custom firmware, you probably know all about ISO games and RAR archives. Many times, independent developers place their created game files, the ISO, into an archive called a RAR. This allows you to compress the ISO, making it easier to download. You will first need to extract the ISO from the RAR archive before using it on the PSP.

Download one of the extracting programs from the Resources section. All of them work exactly the same, so its a matter of preference.

Locate the RAR files that need to be extracted. RAR files come in a few different formats. If you have many files that have "partXXX.rar" with the X's being sequential numbers, right-click the "part001.rar" file. If you have RAR files that have ".rXX" at the end(again with the X's being sequential numbers), right-click the ".rar" file. This is usually at the end of the list of RAR files.

Click "Extract" from the menu that appears, and click "OK" to extract the ISO file from the RAR archive. This could take a few minutes depending how large the ISO file is. The ISO will be extracted to the same location of the RAR archive.


Do not download retail ISO files. It is illegal.