How Do I Get My Internet Explorer Favorites Back on My Screen?

By Tiesha Whatley

Updated September 28, 2017

Show the list of bookmarks in Internet Explorer by accessing the Bookmarks toolbar.
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Using bookmarks in Internet Explorer is a way to save your favorite websites and easily get back to them. With just one click, you can get back to that page that has an item you were looking to purchase or that piece of vital information you need for a project. Bookmarks are a waste unless you know how to pull them back up again. There are three ways to bring up a list of your bookmarks.

Click on the "Favorites" menu item in Internet Explorer. At the top of the Internet Explorer screen (next to the "File," "Edit" and "View" menu items), is "Favorites." A list of your favorites are shown as drop-down menu. Click on the bookmark you want to go back to.

Hit "Ctrl" + "B" on your keyboard to open the "Favorites" dialog box. A list of all of your bookmarks is show. Here you can organize your bookmarks into folders or delete them.

Click on the "Favorites" icon from the top toolbar. The "Favorites" icon looks like a yellow star. Click on the star and the list of all of your bookmarks will be shown on the left side of the screen.