How to Convert Wii Games to PAL

By Daniel Dick

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access

  • Blank DVD-R

  • DVD-R burning software and hardware

With some software you can play Wii games in any format around the world.
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Games come in three major formats: PAL, SECAM and NTSC. Because of the way that the graphics are rendered it used to be possible to play a game only on a system that used the same format. This is no longer true because software has been created that allows you to change the formatting of games so that they will be playable on other systems. The PAL format is used largely in Europe and South America, while the NTSC format is used in the United States and Japan.

Download RegionFrii software. You will be using this to change the region type. A link to a free download can be found in the References section.

Download WiiBrickBlocker. This program prevents the disk from updating. If the Wii updates, it will reformat itself back to the original format. This is known as bricking. This software prevents the update. A link to a free download can be found in the References section.

Download the Wii game you would like to use as an ISO file. Many sites offer free downloads of Wii ISO files. One of these sites is listed in the References section.

Open both the files containing your downloaded ISO files and RegionFrii.

Drag the ISO file and drop it onto the RegionFrii icon. A menu should pop up. Near the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side will be a box that reads “New Region." Click on the tab next to “New Region” and select PAL.

Click “Update ISO” to the right of the tab. A window will appear and ask if you want to write the following changes. Select Yes.

Open WiiBrickBlocker. A window at the top reads “Wii ISO path.” Click the browse button and select the game that you just ran through RegionFrii. If you click the “Information” button, the WiiBrickBlocker will say that the game is still in the previous format, but it is not. Click on “Patch." When it reads “complete” your game has been patched.

Burn the ISO file onto a DVD-R and play it on your Wii.