How to Put Pokemon Games on a PSP

By Charles Poole

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Windows-based computer

  • PSP

  • PSP USB data transfer cable

Transferring your Pokemon game is easy with a couple of simple steps.
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The PSP give users the ability to take their music, games, videos and pictures with them anywhere they want. Because of the Wi-Fi development of the console, many users utilize the PlayStation Network to download games, movies and other media to play on their PSPs. Putting games and music on the devices is easy, but some users run into problems with connecting their consoles to their computers and finding the PSP icon. This can be achieved with some very easy steps.

Turn on your computer. Wait for the computer to load up fully. You can tell that it is loaded by running your cursor over the icons on the right hand side of the screen. Wait for a description box to pop up over the icon to know that your computer has booted fully.

Turn on your PSP from the power switch. Let the PSP boot to the media bar. Scroll to the left of the media bar until you come to the “Settings” menu. Click the “X” button on the “Settings” menu.

Scroll down with your D-Pad until you come to “USB Mode.” Click the icon with the “X” button on your on your PSP.

Connect the PSP data cable that came with your PSP to the mini-USB output on the top of the PSP.

Connect the other end of the USB data cable to an available USB port on your computer.

Go to your computer and click the “Start” menu at the bottom left hand side of the screen. Click “My Computer” from the choices given. Wait for the window to pop up. Look for your “PSP” icon under your “C:” icon in this window. Click on the “PSP” icon and wait for another window to pop up.

Click on the “PSP” folder in your new window. Click on the “Game” folder and wait for the window to pop up. Minimize the window by clicking the left hand tab at the top of the window.

Locate your Pokemon game on your computer by clicking the “Start” tab and then clicking “Find”. Type “Pokemon” into the field and then click the “Search” or “OK” tab at the bottom of the search field.

Click on your “Pokemon” game icon and drag it into the “Game” folder window of your PSP.

Exit out of both windows.

Click the “Start” tab again and then click the “My Computer” icon. Locate your “PSP” icon and right click on it with your mouse. Select “Eject” from the options given and wait for your “PSP” icon to disappear.

Go to your PSP console and press the “Circle” button. This will get you out of “USB Mode.”

Scroll through the media bar until you come to the “Game” icon. Press the “X” button and scroll down until you find your “Pokemon” game. Click it with the “X” button.


Don't delete any of the information or folders in your PSP folder.