How to Get Free XBox 360 Gold Membership Codes

By Penny Porter

Updated September 22, 2017

Get connected to your friends with a free gold membership to Xbox Live.
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Owners of the Xbox 360 video game console can play online with friends or complete strangers by connecting to the Internet or Xbox Live through their consoles. But this shared playtime does not come for free, unless you know a few tricks on scoring free membership or subscription codes. Those little cards gamers purchase for codes cost between $10 and $50, depending on the number of hours the player subscribes for. Though you may not end up with enough free membership codes to keep you connected to other gamers all year long, you can save yourself a bit of money with a few tricks on scoring free gold membership codes.

Take advantage of the free trial card that you received when you purchased your Xbox 360 console. Your Xbox, if purchased brand new, should come with a two-month trial card. Simply get connected to the Internet on your Xbox 360 and then enter the codes on the card to activate your two free months.

Salvage membership cards you receive for free in new game packaging. Many newly purchased games will have between 48 hours and three months of free gold membership access on code cards placed inside the game case with the game booklet.

Buy yearly memberships. Though this will cost you around $50, you may be able to get a free month from the purchased membership package.

Take advantage of free weekends offered by Microsoft, the makers of Xbox, and watch your Xbox Live dashboard for special offers or promotion where you can win free membership codes exchangeable for months or a year of access to Xbox Live.

Sign up for trusted sites like and that offer points for opening spam email, taking surveys and purchasing items over the Internet using their site as the middle man. You can later cash your points in for gift cards you can use to purchase Xbox Live gold membership subscription cards.


Avoid scams. Never give out your social security number or credit card number on any sites that promise points or free membership cards; these are just ploys to get your personal information.