How to Make an Online Application Form

by Louise BalleUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Web site host and domain

  • Adobe Acrobat (optional)

  • SurveyGizmo account (optional)

An online application allows your customers and Web visitors to fill out and submit information in one shot. It's quicker and more convenient for both you and the customer. You won't have to wait days to receive a printed application in the mail. Your customer won't have to waste paper to print the application and pay for postage to mail it to your office. Now that you know the benefits of setting up an online application, you have a few methods to choose from for creating this form.

Create your online application with basic HTML form code. The form code allows your applicant to visit a page on your Web site and type his information directly into the browser, such as name, address, educational background or previous employment for a job application. When the user clicks "Submit," your Web server will transmit the form to your email address for your review. See "Resources" for more information and the basic HTML code to create a web form.

Create a PDF form as another alternative for your online application. Adobe Acrobat Professional (version 7.0) has a tool that allows you to create "fillable" PDF forms for display on your Web site. Upload your application form (in a word processing or spreadsheet file) to the Acrobat program. Click "Advanced," "Forms" and then "Make Forms Fillable" to pull up the tool and start creating the fillable fields for your application. The visitor can then download the PDF application to his browser, fill out the information, save it to his computer and email it to you for review.

Use SurveyGizmo's web-based form creator service to make your online application. The service helps you create the application, embed it on your Web site and even analyze the applicant's answers from your account dashboard. Create an account to start a free trial to get familiar with the service, select a template (such as the job application template) and start entering your questions for the applicant.


Check to see whether your Web site hosting service has a Web form feature. This will make it easier to create your online application if you choose the first option.

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