How to register an Apple iPad

By Roger Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

Register your iPad for your benefit.
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Apple's iPad tablet offers multiple uses in your household or business. To use one, register the device with Apple. While registration is not required to use your iPad or to take advantage of your warranty if broken, it does offer you some additional protections in the event your iPad is lost or stolen and later recovered. It also helps Apple keep you up to date with the latest software updates and product releases in the iPad line. Registering your iPad is an easy process and takes only a few minutes online.

Enter the registration information during the initial setup of your iPad, when you first connect your iPad to your computer. If you forget to register, go to Apple's product registration website (full link in Resources). Select your location and preferred language. Alternately, register your iPad at a retail Apple store.

Enter your Apple ID and password. If you do not have an Apple account, create one on this screen. Provide your name, address, email address and telephone number before setting a password.

Select that you are registering one product and click "Continue."

Select "iPad" from the categories list as well as the product line list. Indicate the type of iPad you're registering before clicking "Continue."

Enter your iPad's serial number. The easiest way to locate the number is by looking at the back of the iPad, where the number is printed underneath the product details.

Indicate how you will use this product and where you live, and click "Continue" to complete your iPad registration.


If your computer does not initially register your iPad when you connect the device, ensure that the latest version of iTunes is installed. Your iPad's serial number can also be located by connecting the iPad to your computer and looking at the device screen in iTunes.