How to Make Google My Home Page on My PC

By Isaiah Turning

Updated September 15, 2017

Each time you open your web browser, the browser navigates to a default page known as your home page. This is your starting point when you browse the Internet. If you find yourself manually navigating to the Google search engine each time you use your browser, you can save time by setting Google as your home page. The method of setting Google as your s home page varies somewhat, depending on your browser, but takes only a few moments.

Internet Explorer

Click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop or select it from the Windows Start menu to launch the program. Navigate to the Google website using the address bar.

Click the arrow icon on the right side of the “Home” button and click “Add or Change Home Page” from the expanded menu. Click “Use This Webpage As Your Only Home Page.”

Click “Yes” to close the dialog box and save Google as Internet Explorer's home page. Internet Explorer now automatically opens to the Google website when you launch your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Launch Mozilla Firefox from your Windows Start menu or by clicking the icon on your desktop. Click “Tools” and select “Options” from the expanded menu to launch the Options panel.

Click the “General” tab in the Options panel. Input the Google website address into the “Home Page” section beneath the “Startup” heading. Select “Show my home page” from the drop-down menu labeled “When Firefox Starts.”

Click “OK” to apply your settings. Mozilla Firefox now recognizes Google as your home page.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome on your computer and click the wrench icon to expand the “Tools” menu. Click “Options” to open the Google Chrome Options panel.

Click the “Basics” tab in the Google Chrome Options panel. Select the “Open This Page” option located next to the “Home Page” section. Input Google's web address.

Click “Open the Home Page” located next to the “On Startup” section of the “Basics” tab. Click “Close” to set Google as your home page.