How to Program a Suddenlink Cable Remote

By Matthew Fortuna

Updated September 28, 2017

Suddenlink remotes can be programmed to a variety of TVs.
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Suddenlink is a broadband cable television company that offers a variety of remotes that can be programmed to all of your living room electronic components. The Suddenlink cable remote can be programmed or reprogrammed to your cable box in just minutes with little to no experience. Programming requires only the box and the remote itself, and will allow you to begin using your remote immediately.

Turn on your cable box and press the "CBL" button on your Suddenlink remote.

Wait for the key to blink once, and press and hold the "Setup" button on your remote until the key blinks twice.

Find the code for your device in the user guide or in the link in the "References" below and use the remote keypad to enter the four-digit code.

Wait for the key to blink again and press the "CBL" button on your remote to turn the device on. Your programming will now be completed and your remote will be ready to use.