How to Reach 6000 Feet on Learn to Fly

By Michael Moss

Updated September 22, 2017

“Learn to Fly” is a browser-based Flash game available on several free gaming websites, including Armor Games and Kongregate. Users command a penguin and must pilot him through several stages of increasingly steeper inclines. Each stage contains a host of objectives, which act as “achievements” once the player accomplishes the task. Users gain money for successful flights, allowing them to upgrade ramp height, acceleration and air resistance. Gliders and fuel may also be purchased to provide extensive flight time. The final achievement involves sending the penguin flying 6000 feet through the stage.

Complete all four achievements on each stage (16 in all). You will then have access to the 50-foot ramp. As you play, purchase all of the upgrades available. The glider, rocket and air resistance upgrades are particularly helpful for completing the initial 16 achievements.

Proceed to the stage selection screen by hovering over the "Ready?" text in the upper-right corner of the playing area. (This text will change to "Fly!" when you hover over it.) Click on the 50-foot button to start the final stage.

Press and hold the space key after the penguin leaves the slope to launch the fuel tank. Use the left arrow key to position the penguin at three percent air resistance, according to the gauge at the bottom right. This may require slight adjustments with the left and right arrow keys to pinpoint this resistance. Release both directional keys once this number is reached.

Continue holding the space bar until the penguin reaches 200 mph. Release the bar at this point, and watch the speed gauge. Once the speed reaches 190 mph, tap the space bar to provide a slight boost to around 200 mph. Repeat this until all the fuel is depleted. Your distance should be somewhere between 3000 feet and 4000 feet at this point.

Alter the air resistance, using the right arrow, to zero percent. You may need to make slight adjustments with the left and right arrow keys to maintain a straight flight pattern. Release all keys and watch the distance and altitude meters on the gauge. Use the left key to slightly increase altitude should it drop below 10 feet. The final cutscene will appear once the penguin reaches 6000 feet.


Familiarize yourself with each of the glider’s gauges. They will improve upon upgrade and provide more statistics on your penguin’s flight pattern.


Avoid keeping the glider’s speed in the “red zone,” as this will slow your glider down more quickly and keep you from reaching a longer flight distance.