How to Troubleshoot a Pixelated Signal in Digital Cable TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 28, 2017

Fix the digital pixelated image.
i TV image by Ilija Mitrevski from

When watching a television connected to a digital receiver, such as a digital cable or satellite receiver, you can occasionally run into an issue where the image appears pixelated. This is typically due to the connection running into the TV and can be corrected through a few troubleshooting steps. However, some issues are due to the weather and not much can be done about those problems.

Check the cable connections running into both the receiver (from the wall) and into the TV. Push the cables in complete to ensure a secure connection. If the cable is not inserted properly, you may experience the pixelated video images.

Adjust your antenna if using an antenna based digital connection. If the connection signal is weak, you are going to receive a pixelated image.

Clear the area around where the cable enters your home. If tree branches or snow has built around the cable, it can cause interference. Either clean off the area yourself or contact your cable provider to do so.

Push the "Zoom" button on your television remote. Continue pressing the button until you completely turn off the zoom function. When you zoom into the image too far, you are going to cause the image to pixelate.